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Stakeholders are involved in the process of forming a new regional public-private collaboration on promoting and expanding Metro Vancouver’s prosperity.

A proposal for the new collaboration is summarized in the Regional Prosperity Initiative booklet. Over the coming months, the Steering Committee will work to refine this proposal and continue discussions with key funding partners.

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August 2017 Update 2017 Update<div class="ExternalClass1B3E24EBC52449899235DFF355DB1243"><p>​The Regional Prosperity Initiative <a href="/Documents/SteeringCommittee-memberbios.pdf">Steering Committee</a> has developed a high level set of recommendations for a new public-private collaborative organization for advancing the prosperity of the Metro Vancouver region. The proposal will be presented at the September 15th by-invitation Regional Prosperity Forum, which will bring together regional leaders for an exchange of ideas on the topic.</p></div>,
March 2017 Update 2017 Update<div class="ExternalClass7623617E845C42D2BDA2069BFBB78FED"><p>​Two projects have been initiated by the Regional Prosperity Initiative Steering Committee. The Regional Mobile Business Licence project aims to enable mobile businesses to become licensed across the region more easily, and municipal representatives are convening to shape the project. A Regional Filming Portal is also being pursued through a working group involving municipal and industry representatives – the aim is to establish a portal for the filming industry to help access all municipalities’ various permitting processes.</p></div>
January 2017 Update 2017 Update<div class="ExternalClassBA758878CC984FA9B81979C720484116"><p>​A report commissioned by Metro Vancouver has been released – Dynamics of Economic Change in Metro Vancouver: Networked Economies and Globalizing Urban Regions. The paper outlines the economic landscape of our region, and how it has changed over recent decades.</p></div>, Dynamics of Economic Change in Metro Vancouver: Networked Economies and Globalizing Urban Regions